My classmates and I have interviewed our parents and grandparents about school in the past. This is the interview that my grandmother answered for us. I hope you find her experience in high school as interesting as I do! 

1. What school did you go to?  I went to the same school as you, IES Cristóbal de Monroy. 

2. Did you live near it? Yes, I did! I lived in Silos street, so close to the school. 

3. How did you get there? Walking with some friends. 

4. What did you bring to school? I used to bring books and my pencil case. 

5. Did you write with a pen or a pencil? With both of them, but I preferred writing with a pencil so I could erase the mistakes I had made. 

6. What did you use to eat during the break? My mother usually made me a sandwich, and if not, I would buy something from the school cafeteria. 

7. What did you use to do during the break? I used to chat with my friends or read a book that my father would give to me each morning. 

8. Were you a good student? Not at all. I had other obligations to do first. 

9. What subject did you like the most? French or Sewing, now that subject does not exist, but it was so  entertaining! 

10. Were you good at maths?  I would say more or less. 

11. Did you call your teachers only by their name? Of course not! We used Don or Doña first. 

12. Did you have books for all of your subjects? Yes, I did. I also had a file for the notes I took. 

13. Did you usually do homework? Sometimes, just when I had a bit of free time. 

14. Did you have many friends? Lots of them! Actually, I am still friends with some people. 

15. Was there a printer in the school? No, there was not. My dad used to print my exercise sheets at work.

By Victoria (2º ESO B)